CPIHL All Stars

The CPIHL is proud to announce that the 2012-13 All Star games will be played on the outdoor rink in Hersheypark Stadium on January 23, 2013. The teams will be selected from a pool of 80 skaters and 12 goalies that have been selected by coaches and the CPIHL All Star committee. The pool consists of players from Tiers I, II and III who will be drafted in an NHL style draft on January 13, 2013. The draft will take place at the Chambers Hill Fire Co. at 7pm.

There will be two All Star games played on 1/23, one at 6:45 and the other at 8:45. The 4 All Star teams will be coached by the head coaches who participated in the Bear’s cup and Viola Cup finals last season. On the bench with each coach will also be a former Hershey Bear player who will be named honorary head coach for their team. The former Bears who will be participating are:

Mitch Lamoureux
Freddy Cassivi
Dave Fenyves
Mark Freer

We would also like to announce that the CPIHL All Star Draft and All Star games will be hosted by Ed Coffey.

The CPIHL is very proud and excited to be able to provide this once in a lifetime opportunity for our All Star players. We hope that everyone involved has a memorable experience. We are looking forward to the games. The list of players selected to be in the CPIHL All Star Draft are:

Red Land Gage Canton F/D 12
Red Land Brett Gummo F 11
Red Land Josh Lafferty F 11
Red Land Mike Bacior F 12
Annville Cleona Cody Brighbill f 12
Annville Cleona Tanner Fitting f 12
Annville Cleona Andrew Jocham d 12
Annville Cleona Daulton Kapp d 12
West York Tyler Gettel d 12
West York Darren Lint d 12
West York Jacob Benson d 11
Lampeter Strasburg Dylan Garrett f 11
Lampeter Strasburg Kyle Martin d 11
Lampeter Strasburg Dillon Moore f 10
Palmyra Nick Stoner f 11
Palmyra Alex Daley f 12
Cedar Crest Alec Baum f 12
Cedar Crest Devon Calvert f/d 10
Cedar Crest Brandon Kreiser f 12
Cedar Crest Dylan Holst G 11
Ephrata Joshua Buohl d 12
Ephrata Trevor Seibel f 12
Manheim Central Travis Kauffman f/d 12
Penn Manor Jason Green f 12
Penn Manor Matt Gue f 12
Penn Manor Kevin Rinehart d 12
Warwick Drew White f 12
Warwick Stephen Crawford d 12
Warwick Casey Witmyer f 12
Manheim Township Chad Neiss f 12
Manheim Township Alexandre Busque d 12
Manheim Township Alex Mahajan F 12
Manheim Township Brandon Davis G 11
CV Tristan Enck f 11
CV Ken Forsberg d 10
CV Tyler Gilbert f 12
CV Joe Capuano f 12
CV Jacob Morrow G 12
CD Austin Patton f 12
CD Kyle Forney f/d 12
CD Andrew Engle d 12
LD Marshall Kiessling d 12
LD David Bramley f 12
Hempfield Ted Granbois d 10
Hempfield Devyn Tankesley f 12
Hempfield Kollin Brakfield G 10
Dallastown Joe Didusch F 12
Dallastown Jake Mitchell F 12
Dallastown Ben Kelkis F 10
Dallastown Wyatt Malone G 12
Hershey Adam Hrabovsky d 10
Hershey Luk Devorski f 12
Hershey Nick Shenberger f 11
Hershey Mark Croxall G 12
Central York Stehl Taylor f/d 12
Central York Dylan Zavettsky d 11
Central York CJ Belker d 12
Central York Evan Malachosky d 12
Central York Bryan Briggs G 10
E-Town Brady Dolan f 12
E-Town Tyler Christian f 12
E-Town Cassidy Galeone f/d 11
Mechanicsburg Jon Fuhrman f 12
Mechanicsburg Sam Eisenhower f 10
Mechanicsburg David Herbst f 10
Mechanicsburg Joel Eisenhower G 12
Wilson Erik Bowers F 12
Wilson Michael Simmerman F 12
Wilson Marc Dauphoars G 12
Middletown/CD East Zach Strachan f 12
Middletown/CD East Justin Temple f 11
Middletown/CD East Richie Koontz d 12
Middletown/CD East Matt Eppley d 12
Northern York Logan Hayes f 12
Northern York Jordan Lockhart d 12
Northern York AJ Zdanowicz f 12
Northern York Jake Christensen f 12
Northern York Jared Locke G 12
Susquehanna/McDevitt Justin Smith f 11
Susquehanna/McDevitt Elijah Brown d 11
Carlisle/Cedar Cliff Nick Wagner f 12
Carlisle/Cedar Cliff Sam Bruran f 12
Carlisle/Cedar Cliff Shane Kubik d 12
Carlisle/Cedar Cliff Kace Winters f 12
York Suburban/Irish Evan Maher f 11
York Suburban/Irish Levi Briceland f 10
York Suburban/Irish JT Morris G 12
Susquehannock/KD Jeremy Beckley d 12
Susquehannock/KD Kiah Wood f/d 12
Susquehannock/KD Paul Young d 12
Susquehannock/KD Alex Smith f 12
Susquehannock/KD Alex Prego G 11